2012 TonyKart Racer EVRR (30mm) Shifter Kart chassis, with complete MRC Honda CR125 Engine Package! Kart is very fresh and in beautiful condition, owner was very meticulous and took exceptional care of it. Chassis has frame protectors all over it, so bottom of frame is in almost perfect condition. Kart doesn’t have more than 30 hours on it, has only been driven 3 times in the last 2 years due to owner’s work schedule, and now is being sold because owner is moving back East. The 2012 Tony Kart was one of the best karts they made for use with the Honda CR125 and MG/Evinco Tire. This kart also includes a TON of extra parts and accessories, well over $2,000 worth:


2012 Tony Kart Racer

MRC CR125 with 2001 Cylinder

Full set of carburetor jets and needles

Spare CDI

Spare coil

Spare reed cage with reeds

MRC silencer

M4 silencer (spare)

KG Ultra Radiator with rollup screen

Spare MRC radiator with mount

MRC Silicone radiator hose kit

Mychron-3 Gold

Brand new spare OTK steering column

4 tie rods + spare tie rod ends

Chassis full length skid plates

Complete set of Tony Kart tuning bars

3 total sets of Tony Kart wheels

1x MG SKUSA white tires – brand new

Set of Douglas rain wheels with MG rain tires mounted

Complete set of gears (front & rear)

3 chains – precut for different gear combinations

Chain breaker tool

Rear Hubs – medium, short, long

Computech Raceair Pro weather station

Sniper laser alignment kit

AMB Transponder

AIM IR Beacon Transmitter

RLV tire bead breaker

Air duct for rear brake

2 pairs of OTK brake pads

Misc spare chassis parts, etc.

Misc spare engine/exhaust parts, etc.

3 boxes of bolts, nuts, washers, clips, etc.

1 box of lead weights (white)

New fuel line and filters

New spare clutch cables

Bags of green zip ties

Green electrical tape

Tire Tools: Tire Wizz & Tire Pryr (mounting/dismounting tools) + wheel balancer

Fuel jug

Ratio Rite

Oils & Lubes:

2.5 bottles of Motul premix oil

1 full bottle of Maxima Cool Aide

1 full bottle of Maxima MTL

4 bottles of air filter oil

2 air filter cleaner

3 cans of chain lube

2001 Top End parts:

4 rings

1 piston

1 wrist pin

2 circlips


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