This is the 2019 Aluminos ‘Estoril’ chassis, utilizing all 30mm tubing and the most unique chassis design on the market. Designed by Gian Cavacuitti and Developed by Rob Soares for the U.S. karting market, the Estoril model uses a shorter wheelbase with a skinny waist design to maximize the rotational capacity of the chassis. Billy Musgrave piloted the chassis to a dominating weekend during the Amarillo Texas Pro Kart Challenge race weekend in X30 Senior, and recently John Crow has piloted the chassis to victory in every race he’s entered in the KA100 Master category at LAKC.

MRC is a Proud partner with Aluminos (https://www.aluminos.com/) and offers factory support at all of the SKUSA Pro Kart Challenge & Pro Tour events

Chassis Details:

30mm Frame
50mm Axle
Adjustable Wheel Base w/optional carriers
3 Position Spindles
5 Hole Steering Shaft
Sniper Linear Caster / Camber System
Adjustable F/R Ride Height
Removable F/R Torsion Bars
Removable 4th Rail
Adjustable Foot Supports
Magnesium Wheels
Aluminum Hubs / Cassettes (magnesium optional)
VEN05 Braking System (Steel or Ceramic)
Flat top Steering Wheel
NA2 Body Work

The following parts are available for purchase separately or as part of a chassis package.

100% Ceramic Rotors
2/4/6/8mm Bearing Cassettes for adjusting wheel base

If you have any questions or for shipping options, don’t hesitate to contact us any time:


Billy: 951-500-7175