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This is the all new 2019 Croc Promotion KZ chassis being piloted in Pro Shifter by Factory drivers Jake French & Andrew Bujdoso. The re-branded ‘Mad Croc’ chassis has been refined and perfected by Italian Chassis Engineer Armando Fillini! Now with an all New Factory in Bressana, Italy, the Croc Promotion brand is being re-launched throughout the world. With state-of-the-art chassis technologies, proprietary Ital-Freno braking system, and a new chassis specification designed to win here in America, the Croc Promotion line of products are ready for you!

For some more reading on the re-launching of the Croc Promotion brand, check out this article from TKart magazine:


Homologation: CIK FIA
Ø Tubes: 30
Wheel Base: 1040
Ø Axle: 50mm
Brake System: Floating Hydraulic
Brake System: LZF06
Brake Disk: Ventilating/Fixed
Front Hubs: Magnesium
Rear Hubs: Magnesium
Wheels: 130 Ant. 210 Post. Magnesium

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For more information, or if you have any questions regarding the chassis or shipping, please feel free to contact us any time:

Billy Musgrave: 951-500-7175