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Complete service and rebuild of your Honda CR125 engine. Simply send us your engine, and we’ll split the cases, inspecting every part along the way to ensure it is in good health. We then replace every bearing and gasket in the bottom end, the entire crank assembly, and a new piston. We then bag the engine, box it up, and ship it back to you anywhere in the U.S. free of charge. The complete list of parts is as follows:

-Needle Bearing
-Piston pin
-Circlip x 2
-Head gasket
-Base gasket
-Main Bearing x 2
-L. Countershaft Bearing
-R. Countershaft Bearing
-Countershaft Seal
-Case Dowel Pins
-Cylinder Dowel Pins
-L. Case clutch shaft bearing
-L. Crank Seal
-R. Case clutch shaft bearing
-R. Crank Seal
-O-ring, countershaft sleeve
-Water pump Bearing, Large
-Water Pump Gasket
-Water pump seal, Oil
-Water pump seal, Water
-Clutch cover gasket
-Center case gasket