MRC / CR125 Complete Engine w/2001 Cylinder


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Here at MRC, this is our specialty. Our Spec Honda CR125 engines are built to SKUSA rules from the ground up with our proven performance/durability testing in mind. We ensure every part that goes into our engines is up to the highest quality and specification. We assemble the engines in the way that the engineers at Honda envisioned, making sure everything is straight, true, and tight. Our engines are race-proven and built to last; 10-20 hours on a piston, 80-100 hours on a bottom end at even the highest levels of competition.

What we race on is what we sell; there are no ‘special’ cylinders, no ‘special’ pipes, no ‘blueprinted’ cranks, no ‘special’ anything; Honda’s quality control is second-to-none in the industry. Every Crank is within a half of a thousandth, every piston is identical, every cylinder is the same. We’re here to dispel the rumors and myths that run rampant throughout karting; we’re here to win races and prove that you can do so on a stock package that is simply tuned properly. We’re here so you can Race With Confidence.

This engine package comes complete with an ’01 cylinder kit with the power-valve plugs hand-matched and expertly installed by Willy Musgrave.

-OEM Honda 6 Speed transmission
-OEM Honda CDI
-OEM Honda Ignition (timing advance set to MRC specifications, within 0.01mm).
-OEM Honda Coil
-MRC Carbon Fiber Reed petals with stiffeners
-SKUSA blue timing plate

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