V1 PRODUCTION MODIFIED (3 ohm armature)




The V1 production modified race car is a reliable, fast and fully upgradable race car built with high performance parts. The V1 chassis features molded in body post for use with lightweight lexan bodies or if you are not interested in running lexan bodies the molded tubes can be removed and most Tomy SG+ bodies can be used with a body clip. Tomy F1 bodies will also snap onto the V1 chassis once the post have been removed. (Please specify if you want the post removed.) These cars are extremely fast and require upgraded power supplies.
(1) V1 High Performance Chassis
(2) Razor™ Front end
(3) 3 Ohm Modified high output VSR Armature
(4) Pro 10 Magnet package
(5) CNC Machined VSR rear end setup
(6) Sized Production PST™ Tires
(7) Great for Club racing and Home sets with upgraded power
(8) Track Tested


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