If you are new or have been a long time AFX or Tyco user and you have always wanted to see what its like to drive on a custom routed CNC track, now is the time to stop by and check these 2 tracks out.

MRC has 2 custom Viper Scale Racing CNC routed 1/64 HO slot car tracks set up and running. Both of these are 4 lane tracks, one sits on a 4′ x 20′ bench and the other sits on a 6′ x 24′ bench.

These tracks sit in our place of business, we run our kart shop and slot car track operation out of here. The slot car tracks are open to the public for testing and SCHOR holds races here a few times during the year.


If you have your own 1/64 HO slot cars and controllers stop by and run some laps on one or both of these tracks.

If you are new to slot car racing I have cars and controllers that can be used. We have a pretty good inventory of Viper Scale Racing slot car parts and cars for sale. I would be more then happy to explain how all of this works.

I can explain the differences between the stock cars that AFX, Tyco, Life Like and AW sells to the retail user and the other option you have by using a Viper Scale Racing, BSRT or Slot Tech product.


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