This THOR custom CNC routed track made with the TYPE 1 PVC track material comes with the steel rail, the colored wire, the tool to push down the rail/wire, the 3M epoxy and the gun to lay down the epoxy.
We offer this in white or grey TYPE 1 PVC track material. 
We also offer the service of installing the rail and colored wire. Below are the other track options.
(1) Grey Type 1 PVC $1,799.00
(2) White Type 1 PVC $1,799.00
(3) Grey or White Type 1 PVC track with installed rail and colored wire using the 3M epoxy $2,999.00
You can initiate this order with the purchase of the TYPE 1 PVC track kit, when this is done, I will be reaching out to you so we can go over all the options and I can answer any of your questions. Track delivery is around a month right now.
Both the Sintra and Type 1 PVC tracks offer a smooth as silk driving experience. There is no click clack and are typically wired in a way that allows problem free running and consistent performance across the board of HO slot cars. These CNC routed HO tracks are the pinnacle of HO slot car tracks. But there are some differences, if you had to rate each track surface for grip the Sintra has a looser feel to it then the Type 1 PVC. The Sintra material is softer, the Type 1 PVC is harder. So, depending on what you’re planning on doing with this track you might find one material would be a better choice for you.   
If you purchase the railed track kit, it means we just used the 3M epoxy to secure the rails to handle the abuse of millions and millions of trouble-free laps. We will smooth out the ends of each section. I have been building tracks going on 10 years now, this process that I have come up with has been working awesome in a commercial retail environment for a decade now. With a kit like this the track will be ready for your slot car table/bench. You will be soldering the track power wires to the rails, each kit comes with colored wire pre-bent for a professional fit.
Here are a few items that are not included in the track kit.
(1) Controller Stations
(2) Lap counter system
(3) Power supply
(4) Lane direction switch
(5) Table
(6) Wiring that goes underneath the track
We have published multiple videos on our YouTube page showing each step of the process. We have literally shown the world how to complete their own HO slot car track. No more trade secrets, no secret handshakes, it’s all right there in the videos. Typical lead time is 2-4 weeks (Material availability varies) Here is a link to our SRS track video Playlist SRS Playlist
For the most up to date lead time please email us at musgraveracing@outlook.com
International buyers will incur additional shipping cost.


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