MRC Spring Challenge results round #1, January 30 2021

The dust has finally settled for round #1 of the MRC Spring Challenge. MRC is handing out Championship trophies to the top 3 in Super Stock and Modified classes. We also run a Hard Body and NEO class on the same day. Some guys only race a couple classes and some race all 4 classes, there is plenty of racing action here, we promise.
Hard Body was the first race of the day, that’s a stock production chassis from AFX, Tyco or Auto World with a plastic body. Most of us had to dust off these cars because the last time we used them was over a year ago at the last SCHOR race before COVID-19 shut everything down. When the lights went green it was Joe who shot out into the lead, he never looked back and took a dominating win. Ben put in a great charge on the white lane to get back some of the laps but it was not enough to reel Joe back in. Willy was hanging tough but could not seem to keep his car on the track. Willy figured out the problem in his last heat race. Willy’s car had no front tires, the rubber dry rotted off the rims.
Super Stock class took to the track as one of the premiere classes with championship trophies on the line. It did not disappoint, Joe, Ben, and Willy tied laps on the yellow lane with 44 laps each and the blue lane with 45 laps each. The pressure was on and Willy sent it deep to uncork some impressive fast consistent laps on the White and Red lanes. Willy was able to pull out a victory with 183 laps, Joe came super close with 181 laps and Ben just missed with 179 laps. Billy kept them in sight with 170 laps.
Modified class is what we live for out here on the west coast, super fast, eye hand coordination is a must and concentration is key to winning this class. One mistake and your car is gone, like sometimes we cant find it gone. During the MRC Winter Challenge Willy was on a roll, he never lost kind of roll. Today was different, the big guns showed up with there eyes focused on being the one to take Willy down and earning the bounty money on his head. All eyes were on Willy as he started on the Yellow lane. Joe and Ben both out lapped him on the yellow lane. They both thought today was going to be there day, nope! For the next 3 heat races Willy checked the fu$#% out. Willy ended up with a strong 225 laps. Joe and Ben were battling over second place. Joe took 2nd place with a impressive 219 laps over Bens impressive 214 laps. Ron ended up 4th with 198 laps and Billy rounded out the top 5 with 188 laps.
NEO class is a fast class, its a open class. You build what you want and race it. Not to many rules. That’s good and that can be bad. To win you first must finish. Willy again took control early on and set a pace that few could handle. In the end Willy set a new track record of 250 laps total. Joe hung tough ending up with 244 laps. Billy after a few issues ended up 3rd with 178 laps. Ben was in contention for the overall win but some how blew the track controller fuse half way into heat 2. By the time he figured it out it was over.
After it was all said and done Willy has established himself as the man to beat. The next race we will see MRC mix it up, you could be racing on 2 different tracks on the same day kind of mixing it up stuff. Both Joe and Ben are on a roll too, they are putting the pressure on Willy at every race. It will happen sooner then later that the bounty on Willy’s head is paid out.
MRC has changed the dates for the next 2 races;
Round #2 February 13th
Round #3 February 27th
The tracks are open for practice just about everyday, MRC has a great selection of slot cars, parts and controllers.
Call or stop by if you have any questions.

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