MRC Spring Challenge round #3, the Champions have been Crowned, February 27, 2021

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The battles are over and the results are in for round #3. The champions have been crowned for the 2021 MRC Spring Challenge and it was a slam fest. You could feel the tension during Saturday mornings practice sessions because 3 out of the 4 championships were still up for grabs between Ben Vasquez, Joe Adams, and Willy Musgrave.
Today’s Hard Body’s race would decide the class championship, Joe 45 points, Willy 45 points and Bens 44 points. This race took place on the new Viper Intimidator track, 14’ x 5’. Just to make it even more exciting Jim Williams showed up to show us how the Hard Body class is supposed to be raced; from the moment the green lights went on it was the Jim show all the way to the end. Jim took the win with 219 laps and did not even break a sweat. The battle for 2nd never materialized as Joe ran a hard solid pace to finish with 212 laps to earn 2nd place and more importantly take the Hard Body Championship. Willy did what he could to keep up, but the 209 laps he did would only get him the 3rd spot today. With that finish Willy ended up 2nd place in the championship. Ben had moments during the race that could have seen him be the champion, but this Intimidator track is gnarly, and stuff just happens. Ben ended up with 203 laps and 4th place on the day and 3rd overall in the championship.
As one of the premiere classes the Super Stock class took to the Viper Intimidator track with a championship points battle between Willy’s 47 points, Ben’s 45 points and Joe looking for a miracle 40 points back. New racer Mike Sutton showed up not intimidated by anyone as he set a pace none could handle in the early stages of this race. To make it more intense the last 3 driver rotations to step-in would-be Joe, then Ben and Willy last. So, the championship would be decided on the track with these 3 going head-to-head-to-head at the same time. Joe put in some insane laps in the yellow lane that put the pressure on Ben and Willy. Joe had his moment but when Willy finished his first heat on the yellow lane a sonic boom was felt by all as he laid down an insane 66 laps. Willy again threw down an unfathomable number of laps on the blue lane, 68 to be exact. This set the stage for a Ben Willy battle till the end. Ben was keeping Willy in his sights and he returned the favor to Willy by throwing down a whopping 66 laps on the white lane and then on red the hardest lane an insane 60 laps. When the dust, sparks and carnage settled it was Willy taking the win with 252 laps over Bens 250 laps. Willy took the hard-fought championship in the process and Ben taking home the 2nd place championship trophy. Joe rounded out the top 3 for the day and 3rd in the championship.
The modified class was up next, and it would take place on the awesome Viper “Game Changer” track, 20’ x 4’. It was a point’s battle for the championship between Ben 45 points, Joe 44 and Willy 41 points back looking for a miracle. For Willy there was only one thing he could control and that was winning the race today. Willy set a pace that no one could keep up with, he took the win with 208 laps. The big question was how Ben and Joe were going to finish. When it was all said and done the miracle Willy was looking for came in the form of Ralph Bush. He stepped up his game and put a hurt down on Ben and Joe. Ralph finished 2nd on the day with 193 laps. Joe thought he had 2nd in the bag for this race only to realize to late what was happening. Joe ended up 3rd on the day with 191 laps. Ben was also struggling to keep pace with the front runners today, he ended up 4th on the day with 165 laps. Ron Coleman rounded out the top 5 with 164 laps today. When the math was calculated after this race for the championship it was a surprised Willy standing on top of the podium with 66 points, a stunned Joe with 64 points to take 2nd place in the championship and Ben still scratching his head in amazement of what just took place with 63 points and 3rd place in the championship. Crazy racing, Willy’s comment was, “it isn’t over till it’s over”.
NEO class, like I have said before the NEO class is a fast class, it is an open class. You build what you want and race it. Not too many rules. That is good and that can be bad. To win you first must finish. Willy again took control early on and set a pace that few could handle. After the modified race Ben was on fire trying to go home a winner in the last race of the day, he put up a fight and beat Willy on the white lane but that is as close as he would get. Willy took the win with 246 laps, Ben finished second with 238 laps and Joe rounded out the top 3 with 217 laps. Willy took the championship in dominating fashion with 75-points, Joe took 2nd in the championship with 64 points and Ben was third champ with 57 points.
The tracks are open for practice just about every day, MRC has a great selection of slot cars, parts and controllers.
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