Willy Musgrave took first place in 3 out of the 4 classes today, Ben Vasquez was the man that put a stop to Willy sweeping all 4 classes today.
The racing today at the last round of the THOR Winter Series was intense to say the least. Many of the class championships were on the line in the Pro and Amateur classes.
Ben absolutely dominated the Spec Racer class with his new RPM Ghost car, Ben had it set on “rocket mode”. Willy took the yellow lane heat race win over Ben, but after that it was the Ben show by putting up 172 total laps to take a dominating class win. With this do or die win he took the Spec Racer championship over Willy by 2 points.
The Super Stock, Modified and NEO classes saw Willy earn the wins in each of those classes. By no means was it an easy task. With these wins today Willy also took those class championships.
This is a shout out to Greg Hutchison who was a contender in all the Pro class championships but had to attend a special event on the same day.
Joseph Adams kept it close in all the races throughout this series earning a few class wins along the way and sinching down 3rd place in all the Pro class championship.
The amateurs got to race this 3 race series with the Pros, some of these racers had moments of great success by beating some of the pro racers.
Steve Stewart had some great races earning the class championship in amateur Super Stock and Modified.
Ralph Bush took the Amateur Spec Racer championship by 2 points over
Ron Crawford. These 3 racers battled it out at every race.
Check out the race result from round #3 and the overall championship point standings attached.
This new THOR Winter Series was the warm up races for the new 2024 THOR Slot Car World Championship Series.
Round #1 February 17th
Round #2 March 16th
Round #3 April 20th
Round #4 May 18th
Round #5 June 15th
Round #6 July 20th
Round #7 August 17th
Round #8 September 21st
Round #October 19th
New classes:
(1) Spec Racer (level 4 magnets) (slip on tires only)
(2) Super Stock (ceramic magnets) (sponge tires or slip on tires)
(3) CMP modified (level 10 magnets)
(4) NEO
You can check out the class rules at:
All of the tracks at MRC are open for practice just about every day of the week.
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