October 28, 2014


A very quick video showing how our MRC Fuel Pump System is mounted and how the fuel lines are routed.

We use a Dellorto Fuel Pump, high quality Motion Pro 1/4″ Fuel Line, and a brass ‘Y’ fitting for the oil reservoir in the pulse line. This ‘Y’ is built to catch excess oil in the pulse line and prevent it from getting into the fuel pump. This ‘Y’ should be checked regularly and drained when it gets full.

The new SKUSA SK-1 Pipe Mount is now available!

Designed specifically to reduce the harsh vibrations through the pipe, the SK-1 Pipe Mount is the strongest and most durable pipe mount on the market! Built intentionally for a SKUSA-legal Spec Honda CR125 Engine, the mount is quick and simple to install:


Musgrave Racing Company is proud to finally unveil the 2014 TonyKart ‘Racer’ EVK KZ chassis with Complete MRC Spec-Honda CR125 Engine Package. These karts are race-ready and SKUSA legal!

Contact us for more details and information:

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Musgrave Racing Company is proud to present our newest endeavor! We are now offering fully assembled, race ready spec-Honda 125cc Shifter Karts. While we currently support the OTK brand, we can and will assemble any chassis that the customer chooses, new or used. The customer can supply their own rolling chassis to MRC for complete Assembly, or ask MRC to acquire a new chassis of their choosing. Complete Assembly and shipping anywhere in the U.S. are always free of charge with purchase of complete package.

We also offer special Dealer pricing/packages!